Autonomous Driving

High reliability sensing for the driverless car

A critical step towards autonomous driving is taken by reliably and accurately measuring the car's surroundings and not merely by looking. XenomatiX, with its true solid-state LiDAR, masters the technology for 360° precise and high resolution sensing under all light and weather conditions and at any driving speed. Together with leading automotive companies, we are providing the car of the future with the eyes to ultimately replace human drivers.

Advanced Driver Assistance

High detection probability, bringing safety to all road-users

The XenomatiX real-time optical sensing technology measures and identifies with high precision the location and shape of any object in the vehicle surroundings. Under all possible lightening conditions, a dense grid of 3D data is acquired, enabling reliable detection of obstacles, pedestrians and other vehicles. Its reliable and precise measurements make the sensors extremely suitable for highly demanding ADAS applications.

Active Suspension Control

Road preview system to enhance comfort for driver and passenger

The XenoTrack road preview system in combination with a (semi) active suspension creates a true flying carpet experience. Leading suspension manufacturers have evaluated and approved the outstanding performance of XenomatiX’ solutions for road sensing. With high resolution and precision, the measured road profile steers the active suspension, absorbing the impact of bumps, potholes, road waviness and rutting.