What some of our customers and partners have to say...

" Collecting reliable data is crucial in order to increase both driver safety and comfort. We have extensively used XenoTrack for road surface classification and were very pleased with the level of detail and data quality we were able to capture. XenoTrack’s unique laser projection and image capturing technology has helped us to perform road measurements and evaluate the data on car handling characteristics using both test tracks and public roads.

K Roy Hendrikx, Research Engineer, Ford Motor Company

" XenoTrack enabled us to efficiently capture road profile measurements for research purposes. The solid-state LiDAR technology detected even the small road obstacle and delivered reliable results. We were able to export and use the data afterwards for further analysis.

K Luc Nuyts, Manager VPE VPM, Toyota Motor Europe, R&D Vehicle Performance Engineering

" Thanks to its compact size and the lack of moving laser beams, XenomatiX’ true solid-state LiDAR systems are highly suitable for installation behind the WIDEYE windshield. The solution ensures a clean and seamless integration and offers a high level of performance. The combination of XenoLidar’s multi-beam approach and the complete absence of any mechanical or moving parts, makes XenomatiX’s LiDAR solution both a highly reliable and durable one.

K Yannick Sartenaer, Wideye CTO, Startup enabler at AGC Automotive, PhD optics

" Our partnership with XenomatiX complements our existing portfolio of automotive technology products. The XenomatiX products enable us to add value for our customers who are looking for a technologically advanced and reliable automotive LiDAR solution, improving safety, comfort and driving experience. XenomatiX’s solutions are based on mature and scalable technology and offer a level of performance and reliability that is considered a significant advancement over competing LiDAR systems.

K Ko Kusamura, Sales Manager, TOYO Corporation

" At Flanders Make, the research centre for the manufacturing industry, we perform pre-competitive, technological research aiming at concrete product and production innovations in a.o. the vehicle industry. As part of several research projects we conducted extensive market research on ADAS and Autonomous Driving capabilities. We see Solid State Lidar solutions as promising and technologically advanced systems coming to market. XenomatiX LiDAR solutions show today already ADAS capabilities and also technological value towards sensor fusion for the more complex task of Autonomous Driving.

K Harold Perik, Projects Manager, MotionS, Flanders Make