XenomatiX develops automotive Lidar solutions. The solid state Lidar technology allows vehicles to digitize and understand in real-time the road and its surrounding. The novel projection pattern leads to unprecedented detection reliability and operates in all weather and light conditions.

XenomatiX offers laser-based, solid-state vision systems to create a high resolution pointcloud, resulting in highly accurate and reliable information of the road profile and possible obstacles. This metrology grade data can be used in a wide variety of automotive vision applications

Leading automotive companies have evaluated and approved this unique solution. 

It is the ambition of XenomatiX to incorporate its Lidar technology into mass production cars, for a safer and more comfortable driving experience and as enabling technology for autonomous driving.

XenomatiX embraces its accountability to respectfully co-create a world where transportation is fully autonomous. Reliability and agility within the X-team underwrite this mission to deliver results at game changing level.