February 11, 2019 - The launch of the new software, XenoWare 4.0 improves remarkably how LiDAR sensors detect and interpret point clouds data.

XenomatiX, provider of true solid-state lidar sensors, announces the release of a new software to further enhance its LiDAR’s application performances.

XenoWare is the software that powers XenomatiX’s LiDAR sensors.  XenoWare processes 3D point clouds data and supports multiple applications such as road mapping, suspension control, free space detection, data recording, etc.

The new released XenoWare 4.0 is a real milestone for XenomatiX’s LiDAR sensors: XenoLidar and XenoTrack.

XenoWare 4.0 key developments include:

  • Remote control - using a TCP/IP connection, the controller can now be accessed remotely.
  • Real-time data streaming - the point clouds data can be streamed over the connection directly to the client’s computer, allowing to use XenoLidar or XenoTrack point clouds in real-time. Clients can now write their own applications using live input from XenoWare.
  • Increased control and stability of active suspension applications for better on–road measurement. The new parameters of the XenoTrack ‘reference plane adjustment’ provide more control over the stitching which results in more stability and control on the active suspension signal. Now, XenoWare also uses a tire patch model to simulate the contact of a tire with the road for a more realistic active suspension signal. The missing data filter patches the active suspension signal in situations where road puddles, holes or turns would otherwise leave an empty space in the rolling carpet.
  • Superior detection of road quality and road mapping through intensity based rolling carpets, generated on mapping applications.

Finally, XenoWare 4.0 comes with a new user interface. XenoWare’s UI has been renewed by providing clear buttons for different functionality: live measurement, recording, replay and configuration (picture on the right).

Both XenoLidar and XenoTrack are now supported by the new XenoWare 4.0, contact our team for more information.

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About XenomatiX

XenomatiX is the first company to offer true solid-state LiDAR solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD). XenomatiX designs and builds products that enable precise real-time 3D digitization and an understanding of a vehicle’s surroundings, empowering applications that lead to safer and more comfortable vehicles. The company’s next generation LiDAR solutions provide unequalled object detection and tracking, free space detection, road profile measurement and localization capabilities, based on reliable proven technology. XenomatiX constantly improves and invests in its technology to meet the needs of automotive OEMs, Tier 1 manufacturers and integrators and stay ahead of market evolutions and industry requirements. Customers include several of the world's leading car manufacturers, Tier 1 companies and mobility innovators. XenomatiX is based in Belgium with international operations and global industry partnerships.

Additional info about XenomatiX on our www.xenomatix.com and on Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube.

Contact Information
Kris De Meester
VP Sales & Business Development
Tel : +32 16 40 64 34

XenoWare 4.0 key features:

  • Remote access
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Increased control & stability
  • Superior road mapping detection
  • New user interface